FilmMakers International Screenwriting Awards (FISA)

The 14th Annual
FilmMakers International
Screenwriting Awards (FISA)

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Anything For Love


Shirley Warke


A womanís gloved hands pinpricks every condom in a box and puts the box back in a desk drawer.

Leah Jenson is in London for one reason only, she needs money quickly for her grandfatherís operation as the NHS don't fund his kind of illness. When the opportunity arises to earn £1000, Leah jumps at it, literally. Her instructions are to bungee jump onto a hotel terrace and become a hooker for a night.

As Leah hesitates over the steep drop, she is pushed from behind and into the arms of good-looking Billionaire Dan Ryan who she almost knocks unconscious. After a night of amazing sex, Leah tells Dan he owes her nothing. Dan leaves at daybreak.

Leah wakes to find Dan gone. Heís left her a thousand pounds and a note to say she is much too good for this game and she should do something amazing with her bonus. Leah races to an ATM, her balance is £50,003. She goes home, pay for her grandfatherís operation and starts a business with the residue.

Nine years on, Leahís son Tom, eight years old decides he wants to meet his father and to get his point across he tells a school full of parents that his mother was his fatherís hooker and play thing. This leaves Leah no choice but to go in search of Dan Ryan.

Leah goes down to London to find Dan but getting to see him is easier said than done as he seems to be suffocated by Scotty his miniature security guard and a Rottweiler of a Personal Assistant named Chelsea. As her first attempts are thwarted, she picks up a ticket for a dinner-dance hoping to get to talk to Dan. In fancy dress she dances with Dan, enjoying the moment before being caught. Leah runs but Dan's mother Sophie catches up with her and says she and her friend Ruby will help.

The following morning, Leah meets Ruby outside Dan's office. Ruby convinces Leah to get on a crane and be lifted up to Dan's window in order to get his attention. It works! Dan agrees to talk and is dumbfounded when Leah tells him in the most unorthodox way he has a son. Dan tells Leah he must seek advice from his Lawyer.

Ruby has ideas of how to get Danís DNA and tells Leah to help her. Their plan is foiled and only when Sophie arrives with Tom does Dan cave in and agree to a DNA test.

Dan provides one DNA sample which gets contaminated. He agrees to another but when the Lab Assistant asks for a semen sample Dan balks. Ruby believes something strange is going on. Danís task in hand is difficult, so he asks Joey (Leahís cousin) how he should masturbate. Dan supplies a semen sample. Ruby sees Chelsea go into the lab and hears her trying to get the results tampered with, but Ruby saves the day.

Chelsea is fuming when the results come back positive. Dan invites Leah and Tom back to his estate and after a fun day, Chelsea upsets Tom. He runs off. Leah and Dan find him in the far barn. Tom is bungeeing on a rope from high in the rafters.

Tom manages to lock Leah and Dan in the barn. Whilst Dan is trying to unlock the door, Leah decides to try out the bungee and when Dan sees her it stirs a memory of a perfect night nine years previous. They end up making love.

The following day, Dan realizes they need to talk so he flies Leah away to his private yacht. Dan gets busy with a long phone call and Leah ends up getting drunk with Scotty the security guard. After several cocktails, Scotty drives the speedboat whilst Leah shows her talent on water skiís. Dan realizes what they are doing and demands a vessel to get the drunken twosome off the water. For the risk-averse Billionaire this comes in the form of a banana boat.

Dan tells Leah they should buy a house and for a second she thinks he is moving in with her. Hiding her disappointment, Leah explains she has a lovely home and that this has never been about monetary gain. This is about Tom getting to know Dan.

Once back at Danís estate, Tom runs into Leahís room crying. He shows her the headlines of the morning paper Billionaire Dan Ryan has bastard son with hooker! Tom is devastated. Dan trying to pacify Tom accepts a gift of a video bot so that when Tom goes home Dan can keep in touch with him.

Later that night Dan makes a pass at Leah, she refuses saying, there is always tomorrow. She goes into her room and cries realizing that she is in love with Dan and has been for the past nine years.

The following morning, Chelsea accuses Leah of stealing Danís £4,000,000 Faberge egg. A fight kicks off, Dan comes running but doesn't defend Leah. Upset, she marches down to the stables, takes a barrow of steaming horse pooh and tips it out on Danís white lounge carpet. Leah leaves taking Tom with her. Sophie picks up an envelope that Leah drops. It has Dan's name on it.

Dan is informed Leah has his egg and he decides to travel to the police station. Sophie and Ruby follow Dan to reveal a secret that will not wait a moment longer. Scotty checks out something that is bothering him.

At the police station Sophie drops a bombshell to Dan when she says, I too was a hooker when I met your father, only I was a real one!

As the sergeant is about to charge Leah, Scotty arrives with the video bot and the envelope Leah had left for Dan. A cheque falls out for the fifty thousand pounds, plus interest. The sergeant checks the recording and sees that Chelsea stole the Faberge egg! She also pricked the condoms. Leah is released and leaves. Dan believes he has lost Leah forever. Scotty tells him, itís extreme but I have it covered.

Outside her cafť, Leah hears a helicopter. Dan bungee jumps in and grabs Leah into his arms, tells her he loves her. Dan and Leah marry and Dan asks his mother if she had anything to do with them getting back together. Sophie replies, anything for love Dan, anything for love. Sophie winks at Tom.

Copyright 2016 Shirley Warke
All Rights Reserved