FilmMakers International Screenwriting Awards (FISA)

The 14th Annual
FilmMakers International
Screenwriting Awards (FISA)

Winners - Synopsis






Julian Renner


In San Antonio Texas, charismatic pastor SAMUEL JONES, 40, motivates and inspires a congregation of pastors and worshippers at the annual Southern Baptist convention. The crowd erupts. MONICA JONES Samuel’s wife, applauds with the guests as Samuel exits the stage.

Reporters and guests of the convention gather in a reception hall for refreshments. Samuel, weaving and greeting guests encounters Douglas Hunter, an avid worshipper. Samuel navigates past Douglas to his wife, Monica and a guest of the convention, BARBARA SHEARS. Samuel and Monica retire to their hotel room. In the hotel room,

Samuel informs Monica of a pastors’ meeting before the banquet. On the way out, Samuel bypasses the pastors’ meeting and secretly exits the hotel. He enters a yellow cab.

The yellow taxi pulls up to the FBI building in San Antonio, Texas. Samuel, exiting, meets up with his lawyer, Thomas Rodriguez. They enter the FBI building to the top floor.

In the FBI conference room, Jennifer Garcia, deputy prosecutor, and Special Agent Nicholas Akkerman lay out the terms of Samuel’s witness protection agreement. Samuel, scanning the document, halts the proceedings unless his wife, Monica, is included in the arrangement.

Meanwhile at the hotel, Monica receives an unannounced visit from her secret affair lover, Barbara. They make love in the hotel room and discuss Monica’s exit strategy from her marriage with Samuel.

At the FBI building, Garcia concedes to Samuel’s terms if he persuades his wife to be a part of their agreement. She gives him till the end of the day to decide.

On the road back to the hotel a car follows Samuel and Rodriguez. Douglas Hunter, seen earlier, and three henchmen report Samuels activities to their drug-­‐dealer boss, RANDOLPH JACOBS. Jacobs instructs Douglas to kill Samuel and retrieve all incriminating evidence against him.

Monica and Barbara lose track of time only to be discovered by Samuel. Samuel, in a heated rage, shoves Barbara in an attempt to approach Monica. Barbara splits her head on the dressing table and falls unconscious to the floor. Samuel rushes for help to find Douglas in the hallway. He invites Douglas back to his room for assistance.

The situation changes when Douglas pulls out a gun and shoots Barbara to death. There is a struggle. Samuel quickly incapacitates Douglas and exits the hotel room with Monica. Douglas radios his henchmen for assistance.

Samuel and Monica, heading downstairs, encounter Douglas’ henchman ascending to them. They hide in a hotel room with a chamber maid and call Rodriguez, Samuel’s lawyer, for help.

Akkerman, at his desk, receives a frantic call from Rodriguez. He rushes to the hotel with agents.

Douglas and his men narrow down Samuel’s location to the floor. They comb through each room till Monica pulls the fire alarm. The water sprinklers erupt as hotel guests scramble for the fire exits. Samuel and Monica, among the crowd, head for the exit when Douglas and his men open fire.

FBI vehicles and police cruisers surround the entrance. Akkerman and his agents rush into the gunfight with Douglas and his men. Samuel and Monica slip out with the crowd to the lower level parking garage. Two henchmen die in the gun battle. Douglas, the last man standing, slips through FBI’s security.

Samuel and Monica, speeding downtown, are chased by the last of Douglas’ henchmen. The chase ends when Douglas’ henchman is T-­‐boned off the road by a large semi truck. Samuel reveals to Monica that he also stole twenty-­‐five million dollars of Jacobs money.

The FBI comb through the building when an agent rushes to Akkerman informing him about the accident with Douglas’ henchman. They head out to the scene of the accident.

Samuel and Monica end up at a highway diner where they reveal more secrets about their lives. Monica, torn, abandons Samuel when Douglas arrives shortly after. He removes a tracking device from Samuel’s pocket. They exit the diner to the parking lot when Monica runs Douglas over with Samuel’s car until he is dead.

As Akkerman trails the aftermath of Samuel and Monica, Rodriguez receives a call from Samuel. They secretly meet at a parking lot downtown. Samuel agrees to make a deal with Jacobs and not testify to keep Monica safe. Jacobs, agreeing to Samuel’s demands, plots his execution.

Jacobs and Samuel meet at St Paul’s church on the north side of town only to be ambushed by Agent Akkerman and the FBI. They arrest Samuel leaving a bewildered Jacobs alone in the parking lot.

In the FBI building Samuel agrees to testify against Jacobs when an agent enters confirming the amount of Samuel’s stolen money from Jacobs. Fifteen million dollars. Monica, refusing the deal, requests to see Barbara’s body. Samuel and Monica make peace and part ways. Samuel enters the witness protection program.

Jacobs, at a safe house, is apprehended by the FBI and taken into custody.

Monica is dropped off by agent Akkerman in the downtown area. She walks into a parking lot and opens the trunk of a rental car to reveal the balance of Jacobs’ money. Ten million dollars. Monica, shutting the trunk, drives away.

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All Rights Reserved