FilmMakers International Screenwriting Awards (FISA)

The 14th Annual
FilmMakers International
Screenwriting Awards (FISA)

Winners - Synopsis




Seemingly Harmonious


Cao Dengxian


Smith and Jessica, one the nuclear suitcase attaché and the other the secretary of the president, are both colleagues and lovers. But their relationship is put at risk when they pay a secret visit to the Body Soul Separator Device together with the president, high-tech machine that could separate body and soul. What they cannot see however, is that an even graver danger to the nation awaits them.

It turns out that the terrorists, seeking to blow up the Diaoyu Islands, have used the machine to take over the bodies of the president and some senior officials. This plot was unraveled by Smith, but the terrorists are now forcing him to give up the Gold Key Card through a wicked and cruel game. Smith pretends to agree; but on the way to the command center he overcomes his guard - an agent who has been soul-switched by the machine - and returns the original soul to the body. Then the two head back to rescue Jessica and the rest of the officials out of the Dubai Burj Al Arab Hotel, which has now been heavily guarded by agents

To prevent the the situation from getting worse, Smith decides to split the group up into two. On one end, he returns to the hotel to gather information and find out how many people have been possessed; while Jessica and the Speaker of the House go to plead to the head of the command center. In the end, Smith will lure the terrorists out of the royal suite and ambush the enemy at their most exposed state.

However, Smith continuously fails to contact Jessica after the investigation is finished. Smith decided to implement the plan with the two leaders of the agent team. As a result, they managed to control the “president,” but were intercepted by other terrorists while carrying the president out of Yacht Hotel. Smith not only did not catch the terrorists, but put himself in danger, and “Jessica” saved Smith at a critical moment. They escaped from the Yacht Hotel.

Although she ends up successfully rescuing Smith, the body-soul separator is struck by lightning during its operation, and Jessica’s body and Ryoko’s soul are both destroyed. Jessica is to stay in Ryoko’s body forever.

Smith formulates a plan to trade the nuclear suitcase with “Jessica”, this fools the “Minister of Commerce” who has been hidden amongst the senior officials. When the minister comes back, Smith returns his soul using an unusually prolonged time; then the two men pretend to take “Jessica” back to the hotel. At first, the plan works and the terrorist are taken down to the ground by the three. However, the minister, being inexperienced, lets one get away.

At the end of countless grueling encounters of bitter struggle, Smith and “Jessica” finally have the terrorists under control once and for all. However, at the moment one the terrorists activate a bomb strapped to his body. Smith, in an effort to protect “Jessica”, sacrifices himself and body is blown to lifelessness. “Jessica”, with a last act in her despair, exchanges his soul with that of head of the terrorists, thus making her body a permanent enemy of that of Smith.

I) Names with quotation marks are those whose soul and body are different.
II) The Diaoyu Islands are disputed territory between China and Japan.

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