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American Gem Short Script & Literary Festival
Screenplay Contest

Enter your Short Screenplay, Short Story, Treatment in American Gem Short Screenplay Contest / Literary Festival. 

Winning Screenplay in the American Gem Short Screenplay Contest will be Produced.

Grand Prize Winner / Short Screenplay Gets to Pitch Screenplay to Producers, Studio Executives and Agents. Certificate of achievement awards to the Top 25 scripts and top 3 in each of the other categories.

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Filmmakers Announces Qualifiers in the 1st Round

Hollywood, CA — FilmMakers is pleased to announce the first qualifying round for the 14th. Annual Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards Competition. This Year's Contest attracted a total of 1527 scripts worldwide.  (Comedy: 27%; Drama: 35% Other: 38%)



 (in alphabetical order)


100 Points and 10 Men By Mackenzie BANKS
14 Days of Sasha BY Alfredo Murriel
24-Hour Doorman BY Gregory P Wolk
3 TO DIE BY Mitch Yapko, Allen Rueckert
51 DAYS BY James Mancus
A Fellowship of Gifted Fools BY baqar hasnain
A Fistful of Dollars... OR ELSE! BY Rick Keller
A Haunted Classroom By Jonathan AGUILAR
A Hungering Blaze Tale By Gary HOLMES
A Lie in Winterhaven By Gina MILLS
A Life Cycle in a Month By Andrea PEREZ
A Living Idol Long Lost By Mila LAMBERT
A Lovable Legacy By Gavin STONE
A Mangled Army of Nentir Vale By George MEYER
A Master Builder By Sam WATERS
A Night with Eve By Savannah MARQUEZ
A Settling of Scores BY michael d hager
A Southern Cult By Alyssa HARRIS
A Young man's search for meaning in an absurd world BY Jack Littlejohn
A. Hole BY Gregory P Wolk
Abandoned Store By Shane LOVE
Abduction in a Mall By Callie RICHARDSON
Above the Laws of Mankind By Camilla HAMMOND
Across the Bridge to Nowhere By Jocelyn RILEY
Adriana's Adventures Journal By John HARTMAN
Adventures of Crysmoor By Alice LOPEZ
Africa BY Hayley Easton Street
Alliance at Tower of Fear By Julian FRENCH
Allies and Enemies By Sara DAWSON
Allies of the Planes of Harmin Lake By Jacob TRAN
Allison's Burning Heart By Sam FRANK
Alternative Sanity By Marcus PENA
Alternative Time Travel  By Jill LANE
Always Clueless By Brody MOODY
Ambushing Leo By Tonya FITZGERALD
American Gulag BY Michael Casey
Amsterdam Family Portrait By Dawn BRYANT
An Aberration Lie By Aaliyah SMITH
An Ailing Soul By Jordan SILVA
An Evil Maze By Frank HICKS
An Extraordinary Day By Brittany SPARKS
Ancestral  Warnings By Brittany FLYNN
Ancient Visitors By Alexander MARTIN
Angels Among Us By John FLOYD
Angels in the Middle By Daniel HAYES
Anything For Love BY Shirley Warke
Architectural Wonders By Aria BAKER
Art of Observation BY Richard Fisher
As Young As You Feel BY Tom Bragg, Jim Harkins
At First Light By Reagan LYONS
B.F.F. BY David Haines
Baba Yaga BY Dawn Howard
Baby Boomers BY Nick Walker
Bahamut's Lingering Master By Dustin ALVAREZ
Bane's Pirate By Isaiah DUNN
Barbarians All By Lincoln T. LITTLE
Battlefield of Mount Olympus By Tristan STEVENSON
Before Man and Dinosaurs By Lucy BREWER
Before the Cavern By Jake HAWKINS
Before the Quarter By Isabel GARDNER
Behind the Sun BY lucrecia lozano
Being Lucky By Patricia VAZQUEZ
Below the Inn By Adam MILLER
Beware of the Girl with the Pink Scarf By Sadie ZIMMERMAN
Bitterwater BY Michael Huntsman
Blaze in Heaven By Heather NICHOLS
Blessed Innocence By Penelope STEELE
Blood Orange BY Jad Dani Ali Hassan
Blood Work BY Tom Grady
Blue Moon Over Greece By Christopher BUTLER
Blue River BY Spencer Pool, Stan Pool
Bone Deep BY Richard Kinsella
Border Wars and Politics By John PATTON
Born in Manhattan By Susan LUNA
Brain Duster BY Guillermo Gomez
Breaking the Law and paying the Price By Tiffany QUINN
Breath Through a Straw By Larry GARRETT
Bribes Go Along Way By Morgan RHODES
Bridge Burner By Benjamin TORRES
Bright Darkness By Lauren BURTON
Broken City By Lucas NEWMAN
Brothers and Daughters By Aaron SAUNDERS
Bruce Lies By Sandra PAGE
Burglar Alarm Not Installed By Alex GOODWIN
BURST - A Banker's Story BY Harry Russell Holland
By the Grace of God By Alex BRADY
Cadbury's Assistant By Logan MAY
Camp Doba By Victoria PAUL
Careless and Carefree By Kennedy AUSTIN
Cat Trapper By Ashlyn RAMIREZ
Celebration in Living By Skyler LE
Champion of the Boxers BY Cecil Ronald
Change Your Name and Change Your Life By Aaron WANG
Charlie's Lessons BY Steven Lipkin
Charm Slayer By Brett MORGAN
Charming Detective and the Football Player By Brianna MCBRIDE
Child is a Snake Charmer By Derek FORD
Child of a Childless Couple By Juliana INGRAM
Christmas Pops BY John Ponton
City of Dreams By Kendall SALAZAR
Code Blues BY Gary Wallach
Color of Hair and Blood By Seth MORAN
Companion By Jennifer HUDSON
Complications in a Tame Society By Angela ALLEN
Cool Justice By Dana COLE
Corellon's Evil Twin Killer By Erik JIMENEZ
Corrupting a Society By Noah SUTTON
Count Your Blessings By Brody SOLIS
Creamy Salad Dressing By Lily WALSH
Creatures of War BY Christopher Zegunis
Crime is Punishment By Camilla TOWNSEND
Crime Pays BY Raolat ABIOLA
Crimes of the Other Kind By Caden WARD
Crowning of Layla By Miles POWERS
Cruel Assassin Gang By Gianna BOYD
Cursed Beginnings By Jordyn RICHARDS
Cursed From Birth to Death By Tyler Sam WEBSTER
Daddy, get over it! BY Mauro Palumbo and Alessandro Giglio
Dancing in a Birthday Suit By Raymond HALE
Dark Fortune BY Nancy Knechel
Dark Gods By Anna SANCHEZ
Dark Matter BY Olga Holtz
Dating a President By Molly CRAIG
Dating Texas By Sam MAXWELL
Daylight Serving Time By Brittany SALINAS
Days of Ethra By Jeremy ARMSTRONG
Dead Bloodline BY Gregory P Wolk
Dead Now By Charlotte Powell
Deadly Conspiracies By Sam Chan
Deadly Hot Guys By Samuel McKinney
Deadly Listeners By Madison Pearson
Deadly Shores of Florida By John Glover
Dean The Drummer BY Tannaz Hazemi
Death Forest By Tyler CAMPOS
Death of a Role Model BY Gregory P. Wolk
Deathly Spy with Blue Eyes By Maria Douglas
Deeper Thought BY Sam Kench
Defeating Terror By Oliver Parks
Demon Slinger By Brandon Nguyen
Demons and Serpents The Last Chapter By Nathan Frazer
Derek Dickens & The Dream BY Phil Valentine
Desert Storms Can Be Lovely By Brianna Tyler
Desperate and Maried Searching for Same By Natalie Gregory
Desperately Dating You By Maya Alvarado
Destroying a Past By Juliana Wheeler
Destruction of Mankind By Kyle Dean
Dinner For Three By Lori Cain
Discovering Mr. Wrong By Casey Long
Donna Rose - Queen of Hearts BY James Sullivan
Don't Step on that Grave By Lindsay Fowler
Don't You Know Who I Am? BY ismael MARIANO
Don't You Know Who I Am? BY ismael Mariano
Doug The Pug's Final Adventure BY Rainie Horsburgh
Dr. Dean's Journey To Surgery BY Leonard Tachmes
Drag Me Kicking and Screaming By Juliana AYALA
Dragon Cleaver By Brandi MORRIS
Drawing Dead BY daniel Becker
Dreamer's Final Act By Nathaniel BECKER
Dreamwalkers: Awakening BY Michelle Daniel
Driving My Sue By Chad SANDERS
Driving on Autopilot By Peter Benson
Dungeons and Haunted Castles By Juan Garza
Dwarven Lara and Her Older Sisters By Alexis White

Eastern Religion & Western Society By Alaina Taylor
Easy to Be You By Kayla O'Brien
Elf Hacker By Avery Philips
Elisia BY Ozzie Banicki
Elle BY Kaitlin Puccio
Emily's Final Days at Home By Mason Hopkins
End is Near By Craig Gonzales
Erotica Etcetra By Caleb Brock
Evade BY Nakamura Shoko
Evil Cleaver By Audrey Mitchell
Evil Keeper By Brayden Rivera
Explorer Your Neighborhood By Luis Lucas
Fading Malls By Patrick Holt
Fame and the Infamous By Stacy Ramsey
Farewell to Peace By Victor Blake
Fascination with Hannah's Sister By John Cobb
Fast Cars and Faster Girls By Cole Coleman
Fatal Honor By Carter Myers
Fatherland By Aaron Cannon
Fearless Witches of the New World By Julian Clarke
Fiery Son By Olivia McDaniel
Finding Jane BY Virginia Shaffer
Fire Outlaws By Derrick MARSHALL
Fish Catcher By Bentley PARKER
Fishing by Moonlight By Brent ROGERS
Flame Throwers By Christy BARNES
Flashers BY Brian Higginbotham
Flesh Herder By Brady FLORES
Flowers of Spring BY Craig Stewart
Flying Solo By Stacey CUMMINGS
Foe of the Coast By Jamie HANSEN
For Later Times BY Miguel J. Ramirez
For Whom the Bell May Toll By Todd FARMER
Forbidden Magic By Amanda CLARK
Forever Without My Baby By Madeline SANTOS
Forgive BY Shobhit Agarwal
Forgotten Madness of the Shaw By Liliana REID
Four Angles BY arthur lartigau
Four Days Of May BY Christopher Heiman
FOX AND FLY BY Frederick (Toby) Campion
Frogman BY David Brichetto, Anthony J. Sperduti, Luigi Sperduti
Gatekeeper of God By Leo MCCOY
Gentle Love By Luis CERVANTES
Getting It Like a Man By Chloe ORTIZ
Ghost Tenant BY Luke Sabis
Gift of Pain By Makenna VALDEZ
Glass half full BY Kajal Naidu
Global Reboot BY Andrew Noble
God and the Godless By Phillip HORTON
godbodies BY Roi Costa
Gold Surfing By Charlie MORALES
Graduating with Honors By Lindsey BOWMAN
Guilty When Charged By Alex POTTER
Halls are Occupied By Connor JORDAN
Halls Cornelius By Landon WEBER
Hang on Hang High By Russell BUSH
Harbor Meetings By Travis MCLAUGHLIN
Hard Times Are Behind By Lucy HESS
Harold the Peaceful BY Sebastian van Hoek
Heaven And Hell Are Around You By Kaylee LAWSON
Hellig House BY Raolat Abiola
Hell's Kingdom Come By Victor SHERMAN
Hell's Playground BY Gregory P Wolk
Hemingway, a Chrysler and Cuba BY stephen schendel
Her Hearts Pulse By Melinda WADE
Herbs and Spices of Life By Adrian RODRIGUEZ
HEROMAN BY Timucin Leflef
HEROMAN BY Timucin Leflef
Hidden Elemental Chaos By Garrett BLACK
high BY Callie Lyons
Hold It BY Marina Bortnik
Homeland Security in Jeopardy By Riley MILES
Horseplay BY John Handbury
How to Bake a Tasty Pie By Julian WATKINS
Human: The War You Don't See BY Dan Janis
Ignorant BY Anita Skibski
Illuminati BY Will Thompson, John Buechler
Illusionism By Cadence LARA
In the Night BY Joshua Erkman
Incredibull BY Gregory P Wolk
Infinite Conquests By Carrie HUGHES
Innocent Blood of the Zola Nation By John BUCHANAN
INSPIRED BY lynch lynch
Instant Death By Catherine FOSTER
Interconnection by Thomas Keroglidis
Ioun's Cleric By Eric SIMPSON
Jane's Terrors By Jerry BERRY
Jason and Claire Wonder By Victor WOLF
Jay Walking * BY Erin Pitkethly
Jealousy and Pain By Kiara JENSEN
Jewel of the Town By Ryan THORNTON
Journeys in a Complex Universe By Aidan MARTINEZ
Just Rumors By Bryan KELLY
Keep Batterer By Ava CARTER
Keep Your Children at Home By Stella HARDY
Keeptracker By Arianna ADAMS
King of the Mangled Mind By Donald N. KENNEDY
King's Insanity Road By Kelsey CARR
King's Ring By Kylie HANSON
Komal BY Himmat Sarkaria
Kord's Greedy Paladin By Hunter WEAVER
Kord's Hanging By Abby WILLIAMS
La Tierra Que Yo Amo (Land That I Love) BY Jonathan Szatkowski
Land Surveyor By Teresa DENNIS
Last Female Standing By Lillian FIELDS
Last Stand By Mark SANDOVAL
Last Will By Zoe CURRY
Laugh Out Quietly By Kevin GILBERT
Leave and Keep My Money By Bryce M. TRUJILLO
Les Fresh Zulus BY Richard Raybourne
Lesson In Fear BY Michael Casey
Lesson In Fear BY Michael Casey
Let's Move Back By Cory GRAHAM
Liberty Quest By Alex CHRISTENSEN
Life of a Sailor By Alex HERNANDEZ
Lift Me Up When I'm Down By Brody MCGUIRE
Lionheart BY Bobby Serros
Lizard Crusher By Ashley HILL
Long Letter Signifying Nothing By Tammy BLAIR
Look Up Before Sneezing By Matthew GUERRERO
Lookin' Up BY Marvin kaplan
'LOOKIN' UP" BY Steven Carter
Lose the War and Lose the Battle By Aaron HUBBARD
Lost Kindnesses By Maxwell BATES
Lost Locket Found By Makayla DELGADO
Lost Treasures that were Never Lost By Annabelle WRIGHT
Love Again and Again By Aaron TATE
Love me not BY Bryan Martin
Love Me or Leave Me By Jose WILLIS
Love, Loss, Pain and Marriage By Sam OSBORNE
Loving Deidre By Chase SULLIVAN
Loving Hunger By Michael CALDWELL
Loving Is Easy When In Love By Stephanie SWANSON
Loving Mother hating Dad By Monique LOWE
Loving Sunny By Sydney CHANDLER
Lucky Boy BY Suzanne Roche
Maid Princess By Tyler FISCHER
Man Hurler By Blake EDWARDS
Mangled Mind By Dominic RUIZ
Mary's Nuclear Family By Kathryn MORRISON
Maximum Impact By Caroline CRUZ
MBod BY Dan Hubp
Men Who Drink and Smoke By Sam DELEON
Mercenary Army By Julian MCCORMICK
Mercury Rising, Earth Sinking By Sierra CORTEZ
MICHOACÁN STORY BY David Bryant Perkins
Mighty Micah BY Lesley Suel Kim
Miss America's Prize By Nevaeh MALDONADO
Missing a Passenger By Cynthia WALLACE
Misty Fridays By Christine PERRY
Misty Fridays By Melissa ESTRADA
Monkey Paradise BY Dylan McNeil
Moradin's Forgotten Spider Bite By Faith ROMERO
Mourning of Gray Adams By Julian KRAMER
Mouse Trap By Nora JENNINGS
Mr. Blacksmith and the Mayor By Brittany LLOYD
Murderous Realm By Jason HART
Mustaface BY Mustafa Yuecel
Mutiny Or War BY Benjamin Kramer
My Coffee Bar  By Caden SHAFFER
My Daughter My Hero By Luke HOLLAND
My Husband is An Idiot (comedy) By Claire J. FISHER
My Lover My Slave By Cameron WATSON
My Side of the Bed By Christian JENKINS
My Sister's Keeper By Michelle SANTIAGO
Mystery of the Goodland By Jenna CARROLL

Neck Sender By Billy COLLINS
Necromancer of the Dying City By Elijah WASHINGTON
New but Old Testament By Mateo KELLER
Nightly Terrors By Vanessa FIGUEROA
Ninja Warriors BY Edith Juzyk
Nolan's Destiny By Victor MALONE
North 40 BY Timothy Jay Smith
Northern Faiths By Caden PRATT
Obsessions of Man By Crystal ALEXANDER
Odivan’s Empire By Alexandra JACKSON
Of Models and Men By Nicholas FLEMING
Old Wounds BY Tom Wardach
Once a Hustler for the World... Now a Hustler for God BY Cash Briscoe
One Dead; One Dying BY Laura Camien
Open Diary of Hayden Moradin By Tina NAVARRO
Orange County Outlaws BY Mark Perlick
Osaka Castle By Diana HARRISON
Our Father Our Enemy By Monica LEONARD
Outlaws and Judge Grudge By Aaron DURAN
Pain Cracker By Asher NELSON
Past the Altar By Megan BECK
Peace Interrogator By Lucy STOKES
Pelor's Fearful Messenger By Abigail BROWN
Perfection to Being By Camilla MACK
Pilot on Flight 99 By John HARRINGTON
Plains Trains and Motorcycles By Lori SCHNEIDER
Play and Sing Along By Sophia GRIFFITH
Pop Culture By Sam B. ERICKSON
Possession and Jealousy By Brianna COOPER
Possessions and Madness By Misty NUNEZ
Potion to Madness By Kelly BISHOP
Power Hungry By Bradley STEWART
Premonitions BY Frank Mario Quaglia, David Evan Watson
Prime Revelations BY Erika Kovacs
Professor Gritsmall By Kaitlyn GEORGE
Promise To Love and Obey By Tyler MOLINA
Proud Gold Gang By Max STANLEY
Putting Out Fires By Muhammad BYRD
Quarrying Souls BY Tadhg Culley
Quest for Light - Adventure of the Magi BY Byron Anderson
Quest of Gruumsh By Heidi HERRERA
Rampaging Wild Horses BY John Panozzo
Reach the heavens By Leah SOTO
Real and Fresh Love By Bryan PHAM
Reason for Being By Brittany BAUER
Red roadster. BY Aleksey Fomin
Reflex Revenge By Charles ROSS
Respawn BY Toofun West
Revenge of the Squares By Sam B. ERICKSON
Riders of the Black Sea By Jesse ANDREWS
Risky Big Business By Katrina JACOBS
Rites of His Passage By Amy WALKER
Ruby's Nightly Rituals By Ruby PADILLA
Rules of Passage By Todd MOSS
Sad Song By Madelyn CURTIS
Sanctuary Isle By Philip DOMINGUEZ
Santa Monica Peer at Night By Sam PARSONS
Sardis the Merciful BY Christian Thomas
Satan's Bride By Brianna ROBLES
SAVED BY Julian Renner
Saving Single Me BY Kara Shelton
Saying Goodbye By Levi CHEN
Scars Appearing By Lila WALTERS
Scout's Honor BY Georgette Kaftan
Searching for a Childless Couple By Paige BARKER
Secret Society Madam By Brody YATES
Secrets Shared Secrets Revealed By Miranda CHAMBERS
See You Later, Steve Guttenberg BY Adam Davidson, Chris Lean, Justin Richards
Seeing is Believing Yes By Melanie ORTEGA
Selling Ships By Angel YOUNG
Serving Mabel By Nicole VEGA
Settling By Trinity RODGERS
Sex Yourself! By Curtis RAMOS
Shame Within By Liam M. SCHULTZ Sr.
Shared Land Shared Responsibility By Tyler MULLINS
She's the Leader of the Free World By John PERKINS
Shield Caster By Brendan COOK
Show Your Bite By Wyatt BURGESS
Silence BY Dylan Phillips
Sin Hunters By Camryn BENNETT
Sink and Swim will Float By Rebecca GRAVES
Sinners by Day By Lucas MORTON
Sisters Within the Portal By Gabrielle ROBERTSON
Skip and Hop By Justin CARLSON
SkyBurner BY David Baugnon
Sleeping Cyborgs By Destiny OWENS
Sleeping with Neighbors By Scott KLEIN
Sleepy Angry Town By Dalton D. WEST
So Long, Claus BY Richard Toscan
Somewhere Between BY Amanda Norman
Soul Shaker By Victor AVILA
Soul Son By Peyton NEAL
Southern Cults By Danielle CHAVEZ
Spell Feller By Austin ROBERTS
Spell Wrecker By Bailey EVANS
Spelling and Arithmetic By Sam STRICKLAND
Spy High BY jeffrey woodard
Spy High_pilot BY jeff woodard
Staying in Staten Island By Juliana ROWE
Stealing By Tara CROSS
Stepping Stones BY Tadhg Culley
Stick 'Em Up Again BY Jeffrey Thomas
Sticky Ingredients By Julia VARGAS
STILL IN THE GAME - Cover Page J BY George R. Flowers
Stone's throw By Sean ESPINOZA
Stood Up at the Altar By Joshua CHAPMAN
Streaming Videos By Spencer SHARP
Strong Girl Weak Boy By Joel CARPENTER
Sunshine in the Evening By Dennis MURRAY
Swinging to the Left By Lucas BURNETT

Tail Hacker By Aubrey CAMPBELL
Tales of Damarmas By Aiden ANDERSON
Taming the First Sun By Trevor ROJAS
Tammy's Misfortune By Bryce HOWARD
Tax Collector By Camden WOOD
Tax Season BY Will Thompson
Taxing the Rich By Tanya DANIEL
Tears and Fears By Parker VAUGHN
Teasing and Pleasing By Sophie BOWEN
Temple of Fame By Karen GREENE
Terror Underground By John MUELLER
TEXT MESSAGES TO GOD BY David Bryant Perkins
The 4 of Them BY Luciano Marino
The Accomplice By Brittany REED
The Acid Trip BY Dan Bricker
The Adrian Lance Adventures By Veronica HARMON
The Assassination of Doctor Mayberry By Luis SHEPHERD
The Baby Makers By Bryce M. TRUJILLO
The Benjamin Walker Society BY Leigh Hunt
The Blade Trade By Juliana SCHROEDER
The Blue Blood Tribe By Vivian GARNER
The Book of Stars By Alexandria THOMPSON
The Bounty Hunter BY marcelo GalvĂŁo
The Brave Firefighter Girl By Sam NORMAN
The Bride and my Groom By Candice GRAY
The Bull Shaper By Brandy MURPHY
The Careless Blade of Sigil By Emma SNYDER
The Careless Doom of Hammerlast By Holly RYAN
The Cat and Mouse Game BY Coletta Preacely-Ellis
The Cave at the Bottom of the Mountain By Josiah LAWRENCE
The Circle of The Chaos Scar By Douglas WELLS
The City Market By Laura SIMS
The Clever Child By Declan ELLIS
The Clone Prophecy By Alex WALTON
The Conspiracy of Bahamut By Evan WAGNER
The Corrupt Courier Murder By Ellie BURNS
The Cortex Connection BY David Danagher
The culprit By Caleb ROMAN
The Cursed Night By Abby WILLIAMS
The Darkest of Fears BY lucrecia lozano
The Dead S.I.T.E. BY Gregory P Wolk
The Defeat of Corellon By Eliana WEBB
The Desert and the Valley By Steven ACOSTA
The Dirt Road on the Left By Taylor SIMON
The Drinking Hangman By Katie MUNOZ
The Evil Riders Gang By Layla FULLER
The Explorer Within the Isle By Eli OLSON
The Eye from Within By Gracie FOX
The Face of Pain BY James Sullivan
The Feeding Room By William FRANCIS
The Final Days of May By Colton L. PATTERSON
The Followers By Xavier Jen ADKINS
The Forgotten Legend By Colin SIMMONS
The Forgotten Sorrow By Jessica JOHNSTON
The Fresh Zulus: The Krown - MCMLXXXII BY Richard Raybourne
The Gem Stone Collector By Brianna LINDSEY
The Gift of Ioun By Jayce ELLIOTT
The Givers BY Gregory Wolk
The Godson BY Gary Koeppel
The Gold Treason By Adalyn JONES
The Goldrush Ambush By Kathleen GUZMAN
The Good Vampire By Keith LYNCH Sr.
The Grave Diggers Gang By Brittany GIBBS
The Greedy Landlord By Todd HINES
The Grey Wolf BY Michelle Daniel
The Hair Collector By Denise STEVENS
The Hate Criminal By Brittany OWEN
The Heartfelt Goodbye By Jayden CUNNINGHAM
The Hero's Victim By Cadence COX
The Identical Twin Trap By Camilla WISE
The Injustice of Modern Civilization By Kristin Z. HARVEY
The jealous one By Lucy COCHRAN
The Jewel of Trade Road By Ethan SHAW
The Journey from Beyond By Erin MASON
The Knight Shadow By April GREEN
The Last Tower By Jared CASTRO
The Last Will of Vor Rukoth By Henry MEDINA
The Legend of Pelor By Hudson FERNANDEZ
The Letters from Fish BY Jordan Kennedy-Smith, Aubrey Warner
The Life of Ethan Jones by Thomas Keroglidis
The Life of Gromganan By Alana THOMAS
The Long Way Home By Stephen BARBER
The Lost Children By Brooklyn GOMEZ
The Lost Crown By Wendy MCGEE
The Lovable Teenager By Brianna CONNER
The Love Inn By Kaelyn HARPER
The Love Shack By Lori PACHECO
The Loveless Kind By Violet MANNING
The lover and the Betrayer By Luis LAMB
The Lycanthrope By Kristina OLIVER
The Mage Below the Kingdom By Hannah SCHMIDT
The Magic Touch By Christina GUTIERREZ
The Magic Train By Hayden FERGUSON
The Magical Street Lamp By Juliana MEJIA
The Magnificent One By David GIBSON
The Magnificent Three By Antonio SCOTT
The Maharaja BY rehal amar
The Maze Ring By Brody MARSH
The Menacing Ritual By Isabelle KELLEY
The Mistaken Blade Runner By Isabella PAYNE
The Monkey on Her Back By Rachel TERRY
The Narrow Alley Way By Julie LARSON
The Netherlands BY Matilda VELEVITCH
The New Dark Ages BY Gregory P Wolk
The New York Merchant By Timothy GROSS
The Nightmare on Stone Street By Jeffrey BRADLEY
the Object of his Destruction By Brian PETERSON
The Offspring Offering By Lisa DAVIDSON
The Orange Brick Road By London DAY
The Order of Things By Thomas OCONNOR
The Order of Vecna By Elena CASTILLO
The Plague Strangler By Cadence DRAKE
The Plagued Prophecy Fellowship By Erica CRAWFORD
The Portal of Hate By Ella FREEMAN
The Presidential Gauntlet BY Tai Nass
The Pressure Cooker BY Gregory P Wolk
The Pretty People BY Dayna Li
The Private Life of an American Mom BY Amy Roth
The Promissory Note By Micah BARNETT
The Punishment from Below By Harper PATEL
The Purse Maker By Carlos JAMES
The Quantum State of True Love BY Seth Nesenholtz
The Queen's Team By Keira FRANKLIN
The Raid on Kingston BY Carole Ryavec
The Raven Queen's Men By Aaron JOHNSON
The Raven Queen's Undead By Edward MENDOZA
The Restless Gnoll Scheme By Grayson ROSE
The Ring Keeper BY Amanda Cole
The Ring of Vecna By Randy Hank WOLFE
The Risk of Pelor By Emily VASQUEZ
The Road To Remembering BY Frank Rogala
The Sacred Head Son By EVELYN HUNTER
The Sacred Scroll By Shannon ROBBINS
The Safe Harvest By Valerie YANG
The Sandwich Maker By Dakota GRIFFIN
The Scorched Spell of Death By Gabriela HUNT
The Shark and the Artist By Aaron GALLAGHER
The Sharp Sword of Wyvern By Natasha Shelton
The Shield of Sigil By Kristy Howell
The Shiny Gift By Cooper Reynolds
The Silent Wolf By Katherine Burke
The Silly Girl By Cheyenne Russell
The Sinner Nun By Camilla BROOKS
The sister-in-law By Lucas PATRICK
The slaying of Penny By Caleb DIAZ
The Small but Deadly Mistake By Brody BAILEY
The Society of Seven BY Capturing Mercury Arts
The Spear of Den Nen By Jacqueline SPENCER
The Spider Diaries By Pamela NORRIS
The Spirit Beyond By Hailey MORENO
The Spirit of a Ballerina By Kimberly WILLIAMSON
The Spy Who Needed Me By Camilla CARRILLO
The Squire Wall By Elizabeth TUCKER
The Stout Heirloom Army By James GRANT
The Stout Tale By Margaret RIOS
The Sword of Lake Nen By Gabriella PALMER
The Symbol of Corellon By Isaac STEPHENS
The Tank BY Neil Monaghan
The Torture of a Warlord  By Jack PIERCE Jr.
The Uncircumcised By Samantha FLETCHER
The Unconditional Lover By Bryce LANG
The UnHoly By Amber K. LEWIS
The Unspeakable and the Deaf By Jasmine HOFFMAN
The Unwritten Verse By Leslie WELCH
The Vanishing Killer at Dawn By Jada PETERS
The Vengeful Action By Jeffery KNIGHT
The Vile Ring Grave By Jesus RAY
The Villagers By Zachary GOODMAN
The Wailing Master Wonder By Ian DANIELS
The Way Back Home BY Jonathan Szatkowski
The Wealthy Beginner By Tracy DOYLE
The Wicked Orb of Nentir River By Eva GORDON
The Witch Beyond the Grave By Elliot HENRY
The Witch Within the Vengeful Hamlet By Dylan WOODS
The Worm Masher By Bella TURNER
The Wrath of Regan By Ryder MCCARTHY
The Writings on Runes By Adriana WILSON
The Yellow Door By Joseph MATTHEWS
These Kids Are Dangerous BY James Sullivan
Thin Lines By Sarah JOSEPH
Three Defining Moments By John BOWERS
Tiger Eyes By Scarlett REEVES
To Fire a Sibling By Owen WATTS
To Live and Die Twice BY colin calcutt
Tomb of The Witchlight Fens By Jackson ARNOLD
Tome of the Marrish Empire By Alicia LEE
Transference from Beyond the Grave By Brody HOGAN
Travels to the Ends of the Earth By Andrew HALL
Treat Me Right By Brianna POPE
Trick or Treat Beneath My Feet By Todd GILL
Trip to Trap By Wesley REESE
Triple Domination By Carly REYES
Trouble Out West By Devin MCDONALD
Troubling Things By Carson PRICE
True Confessions of a Young Bride By Victor NEWTON
True Love Confession By Brody NORTON
Trust & Treachery BY Tony Chavira
Try Swinging By Corey HAMILTON
Twisted Minds of the Damned By Todd HODGES
Two Birds With One Stoner BY Victoria Michaels
Two Birds With One Stoner BY Victoria Michaels
Unaccompanied Minor BY Kitania Kavey
Unannounced BY Cash Briscoe
Undead and the Dead By Alexa MOORE
Under Gruumsh's Grove By Erika PORTER
Under Pelor's Fair By Gregory RICE
Under the Marula Tree BY william blackmon
Unhooking BY Scott Aiman
Unngan of Ilmara Captures his Kingdom By Allison GONZALEZ
Unspeakable Horrors By Jeremiah DUNCAN
Unsuspected Spy Network By Tyler SINGH
Urbex BY Tadhg Culley
Vacuums and the Whistling Pig BY Tom Vecchio
Vecna's Sanctuary By Victor CHANG
Vengeful Friends By Sabrina MANN
Ventura Boulevard By Bryan BALLARD
Venus Conspiracy By Kenneth MENDEZ
Victim Retracts By Lori AGUIRRE
Victor BY Tony Heaver-Wren
Victorious Enemy By Brooke BELL
Virtual Living By Paul SCHWARTZ
Visiting Moradin's Planet By Nolan COHEN
Visiting Planet Earth and Earthlings By John Harry LOGAN
Voices BY Susan Klos
Voyages of Tirdia Ngom By Adeline B. GARCIA
Waiting Until… BY Teis McKinnon
Wake BY Amanda Phillips
Waking Up Famous BY James Grieco
Waking Up Famous BY James Grieco
Walking and Talking Spirits By Todd JUAREZ
Wall of Shame By Juliana BARTON
Warlock BY Brandon Taylor
Warlock Legends and Dungeons By Mary BARRETT
Warrior Potions By Sam B. ERICKSON
We Happy Losers BY Elizabeth Eccher
Weapons of Peace By Amelia Robinson
Web Travels By Bryce M. TRUJILLO
What's With the Dark Face? By Aaron Miranda
Whisper Loud By Mia CONTRERAS
Wicked Boy By Victor Todd
Wild Dogs Roaming the Streets By KRISTEN MONTGOMERY
Will Follow By Randy Hank WOLFE
Win A Date With Rachel Ciemone BY Regina JUNIOR
Winning the Game By Sebastian Baldwin
With Monsters BY Robert Herzog
Within the Valley of Doom By Addison Davis
Without Identity By LAYLA WONG
Wizard of Exibon By Anthony King
Wolf Girls of Beverly Hills By Richard Haynes
Worship of Corellon By Grace Warren
Worshiping of a Billionaire By John Casey
Wrong Offerings By Juliana Hampton
Years in the Making By Courtney Kim
You Can Have My Destiny By Cody Henderson
You're the Air Beneath Me By Brianna Leon

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